part 2

As promised, here is the last part of my Durban trip I had three weeks ago. I can’t believe that that’s how long ago I travelled to another province to explore what more my country had to offer. I know it was still city life but this experience made me realize that I have an entire country yet to uncover.

uShaka Marine World

part 2

Whenever Courtney and I mentioned that we were off to Durban, everyone projected that we had to visit uShaka Marine World, one of the key attractions in the city. Upon arrival, it was drizzling but we quickly established that it would be humid soon. As we followed along the signs directing us to the ticket office where an array of different vendors selling all kinds of souvenirs to take back home lured you in.

part 2

We finally found our way to purchase our tickets and opted to take the combo package which allowed you to view Sea World – the aquarium and Wet ‘n Wild – activities all relating to water. As we walked around the Sea World park, we got to see all marine life species such seals, penguins, sharks, turtles, etc. We got to walk around this old ship wreck which was converted into a breathtaking aquarium where kids were admiring the creatures swimming around in their tanks.

Once we were done exploring sea creatures, we made our way to the Wet n Wild section. Because it wasn’t yet tourist season, many of the rides were closed. However, Courtney and I went on the Dizzy Duzi ride which is a leisurely ride and tried the zoom zoom one where you go down this slide on tubes. Courtney then took the plunge and went down the Torpedo and then down a free fall Plunge which he said was scary yet exhilarating.

part 2

Moyo on the Pier

part 2

After our adventurous trip to uShaka Marine World, we had to eat, of course. Among the many restaurant offerings is Moyo on the Pier. I’ve been to Moyo restaurants before but being this close to the sea, overlooking the Indian Ocean while sipping on cocktails was something I was not planning on missing. Courtney, however refused to dine on the top section but I managed to convince him because who could resist a view such as this one. They don’t offer much but they have a great wine and cocktail selection as while as breakfast and light meals.

Mini Town

part 2

Along the Golden Mile lies this place called Mini Town. It’s an exact replica of Durban but in a mini form. The structures are about knee length high which mini supermarkets and popular buildings such as the stadium, airport and harbour as the miniature life-size trains, ships and planes move around, making you feel like a kid again.

Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World

part 2

Seeing that the weather became quite cloudy and miserable, we decided to do some gambling at Suncoast Casino. Through the revolving doors, we were welcomed by spectacular lights and loud buzzing of tourist who all wanted to check out what the casino could offer. Courtney and I never gambled before so once we went through security and paid for a card, we walked around to find the easiest machine to play with.

To be honest, we were beyond clueless when Courtney entered the card into the machine and it kept screaming at us to put it in correctly. After an hefty 10 minute argument on how we both thought the machine was meant to work, we were all smiles until we were losing money at an alarming rate. Let’s just say I will not be gambling anytime soon for the shear fact that my money was being thrown away to a machine.

And that’s the end of my Durban trip! I hope this post was useful if and when you make a trip down to this amazing city. I can’t wait to plan our next trip coming up next year 🙂

Until the next adventure.

A bunch of nuts fell out

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