Sporty Girl

If there is one thing I learnt during these last few days is to check on things. I just received a new iPhone and for the past two years that I had one, I was under the impression that by clicking ‘back up’, my personal information was being stored in iCloud. How incorrect was I when it came to transferring my information onto my new iPhone that none of my information was stored at all. Luckily, I have this amazing colleague who fought tirelessly with me to resolve this issue which we managed to do. Lesson: Make sure that whatever you backup is actually there.

About this look: I’m beginning to have an obsession with sneakers and trying to downscale my attires with neutral looks. ¬†Sticking to the basics is often the route many of us feel is safe. In winter, many brands don’t stock flashy items which makes me sad because I love colour. This polo neck grey dress is so comfortable and easy to throw on. I paired it with an army and gold detailed jacket to stay clear of having the outfit look too simple and boring. Stepped it up with some kicks by Nike to give it that sporty girl look even though I’m not sporty at all. I’m merely just dressing the part, right?

Sporty GirlsSporty GirlSporty GirlSporty GirlSporty GirlPhotographs by: Courtney Hans

Polo neck Dress: Refinery | Parka Jacket: Mr Price | Sneakers: Nike

Until the next outfit.

A bunch of nuts fell out

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