Shades of Winter

No one hates the dentist more than me. In the year 2011, I had such bad toothache that I was forced to have it removed. But the minute I saw that needle, I ran out and never looked back. I sat with toothache for an entire year! Unfortunately, I had to suck in my pride before it got infected. Two months ago, I had an hour long gum procedure due to inflammation. Then bam, a month later, my root canal was beginning to break off and was severely aching. I couldn’t have a normal tooth extraction so they had to rip it out. I know, it sounds harsh! I screamed like a little girl because it was a horrible experience to go through.

About this look: If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll notice that I’ve recycled some of the item pieces like the floral skirt and a-symmetric top. Also, is it me or is winter items ridiculously expensive compared to summer ones? Damn, I can’t seem to find anything decent in my price range. Anyway, I loved this thick, navy parka jacket for the cold weather we enduring during winter. Instead of wearing it with jeans, I went bold and paired it with my floral skirt for emphasis on the overall outfit and my a-symmetric top and navy pumps. If you wondering, I was getting cold because soon afterwards, I had to just put on a pants!

Shades of winterShades of winterShades of winterShades of winterImages by: Courtney Hans

Parka: Mr Price /  Floral Skirt: Rage (Old) / Top: Legit / Flats: Edgars

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out

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