Tree Canopy

My travel posts have long seized to exist the last couple of weeks. My Courtney and I work such long hours during the week and on weekends. So on the odd day that we do get a break, we practically unable to get ourselves out of bed. Both of us (more me than ever), have wanderlust souls to explore and travel but there comes a time when our bodies simple needs rest. This past Sunday, we decided to explore Kirstenbosch for all it’s beauty and nature scenery it had to offer, especially their Tree Canopy that I heard to much about.

Kirstenbosch Tree CanopyKirstenbosch

The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is one of the most iconic places; nestled against Cape Town’s Table Mountain, one can only image the beauty you’ll find with it’s diverse plant and animal life. Everywhere I turned, I found myself lost in thought in the enthralling and charming walkways and forest like lanes; trailed along bright and bold flowers blossoming it’s way into my heart. I promise you, every turn we took, I had to take an image of. This garden was sheer magnificent.

The Tree Canopy is a fairly new addition to the garden. Built in May 2014, we only had a chance now to stroll over the 130m walkway. With it being 12m above the ground, it winds and dips. Courtney started feeling a bit sick because we weren’t aware that this boardwalk moves so it was a bit unsettling to his stomach.

With it only being R55,00 for adults as an entry fee, this is one place you need to visit if you a nature lover and not scared of bees like my partner was!

Kirstenbosch Tree CanopyKirstenbosch 1KirstenboschKirstenboschKirstenboschImages by: Myself and Courtney Hans

Until our next adventure.

A bunch of nuts fell out


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