Walking into winter

I’m the most unfit person on earth (it’s nothing to be proud of). Yet whenever there are sport activities on the horizon like playing Action Cricket on Sunday, I’m the first one to raise my hand. I have a great understanding of cricket itself so I thought it wouldn’t be that hard to participate, seeing that it was indoors and all. Dammit, was I entirely wrong. It involved so much running that I haven’t been able to walk for the last two days because they are so stiff. My arms are in pain of all the bowling and batting that they about to fall off (See? I’m so dramatic). With all that complaining above, I enjoyed every minute of the competitive game we played with only four women and a whole bunch of men. Talk about a man’s game, right?

About this look: Thick knits is every winter seasons must-have item to have stored in your closet. I have tons of polo necks stacked in my wardrobe because I love feeling warm during these cold months, especially the neck area. Black has always been the go-to colour for practically anyone so there was no denying that when I saw this polo neck dress in the shade most common to mankind, that I had to leave my colours behind and turn to black. This knitted dress shapes your body perfectly and it’s stretchy  so you won’t have to feel uncomfortable. I paired it with my suede fringe boot which I’ve had for a while. It’s amazingly comfortable and I haven’t stopped wearing them.

Walking into winterWalking into WinterWalking into winterWalking into WinterImages: Courtney Hans

Polo neck dress: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing / Fringe boots: Jet

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out


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