A month or so ago, we took a drive to Gordon’s Bay Harbour; a 40 minute drive from my homestead but was actually an hour if you include us getting lost. I’ve always had a thing for harbours and when I say thing, I mean an urge to sit on a bench, wrap myself in a throw and stare at boats and ships passing in and out of the harbour. It was a gloomy day out but that didn’t stop us from jumping out the car and explore what Gordon’s Bay had to offer.

One of three towns in the Helderberg region, Gordon’s Bay is surrounded by old villages, overlooking False Bay. The harbour is a visitors paradise with a stretch of pubs, cafés, shopping malls and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy a variety of meals or just relax and watch the sun set. We happened to just explore the beachfront and walk along the harbour and eventually sat at a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Gordons BayGordons Bay

The views of the Hottentots-Holland mountain range simply added to the scenic setting that combines a gorgeous white beach and the background of the mountains in the distance. It was grey clouds and a tad bit windy but the view was something I envisioned in a magazine. Bikini Beach is situated to the left of the harbour and is known for it’s laid-back beach lifestyle. We never got the chance to explore the beach route in detail because we took a drive all the way to Kleinmond; another amazing place to visit!

Gordon's Bay

Until the next adventure.

A bunch of nuts fell out



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