Autumn leaves start to fall

When the leaves start to fall, spiralling towards the ground and begins to slowly change colour to that orange/brown accent, so does my mood and, my health. I’ve been suffering from severe headaches and backache last week and made me extremely paranoid when I typed into the Google search bar about these symptoms. With that said, I can now add to my long and complicated title that I’m a sophisticated drug addict. The amounts of pain killers roaming around in my handbag can make any pharmacist think twice about ever letting me be one of their customers because I bet they will not provide me with anymore drugs in the near future.

About this look: Refinery recently opened stores in South Africa and as much as I’m not that person to run into every new store that launches, I had to pop into this one. I found this soft yet effortless boho scarf poncho on their shelves and without thinking twice, was standing at the counter, swiping away. The colours are typically autumn accents which I paired with everything black. From my jeans to my bow pumps, black is seriously becoming my go-to colour for anything.

Autumn leaves start to fallautumn leaves start to fallAutumn leaves start to fallAutumn leaves start to fallImages by: Courtney Hans

Scarf Poncho: Refinery / Black jeans: The Fix / Bow pumps: Legit / Black top: Mr Price

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out


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