Giraffe House

More than a month ago (I apologise for the late post), we visited the Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre in Paarl to see the infamous Gerry, the 6m giraffe. It’s about a 20 minute drive from my homestead but not only did my maps on my iPhone not recognise the place, we ended up driving on a long stretch of gravel road which Courtney was not impressed with because he had just washed his car the day before. So all-in-all, the drive took about an hour.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a friendly staff member and handed a bucket of food we could feed to the animals. Many of them where isolated from the public so we couldn’t just walk towards them without being projected off with wire enclosures.

Giraffe House

This centre doesn’t only have Gerry, but has an array of wildlife species on the farm such as the zebra, meerkats, elands, bontebok, springbok, impala, tortoises, nile crocodiles, blue cranes and the list is endless with various mammals, reptiles and bird life. The centre is not only for children but for adults too. It’s a great educational facility to learn more about our African animals by interacting with them and simply just admiring the sheer beauty of these creatures.

If you ever find yourself wanting to experience something different other than checking out the latest restaurant, then visit the Giraffe House Centre and be amazed by this beautiful and unique creatures.

Giraffe HouseGiraffe HouseGiraffe House

Until the next adventure.

A bunch of nuts fell out


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