Let's chat with coffeeI spent the whole of last week at home while they refurbish our offices and as much as that sounded great, it made me more lazier than ever. Knowing full well that I could work in my pj’s, snuggled under the numerous fluffy blankets while sipping on some hot coffee, made me think maybe this is definitely the life.

In the middle-class area I reside in, one would assume that many young adults like myself are working towards their goals. While I had time on my hands, I asked my regular photographer (which is my annoy sister) to take images for my blog seeing that the road seemed quiet and still. So while we were going about our business, with in no time, men and women were watching us, sitting on the corner.

The unemployment rate in my surrounding alone has risen beyond means. In South Africa, the unemployment rate is currently standing at 24.5% and it seems to be increasing in high volumes. I think what stunned me most is that the group of people who were staring at us were people who are great skilled workers and have now opted to either indulge in criminal activities and drugs.

Once a quiet area has now become a scary place where the very same people I greet in the street are the same people who rob us blindly.  I’m general indoors but there are times when I engage with some of the neighbours who I’ve spoken with on Saturday about the epidemic  we currently facing within the community. I told them who I saw hanging around on this particular corner and to my shock, the stories that were told about them, we now had to jack up security even further after our break in last year. I’m now looking at this group of people in a whole different perspective. You might think that I’m judging and you correct, I am. However, if you make no movement to create a better life for you and your family, then I’ve lost all respect for you.

As my neighbour said and I quote, “What’s the point you help find a job for them when they themselves don’t want to work”. And it’s true. I’m open to creating anyones Curriculum Vitae for them at no cost but if you not willing to uplift yourself especially when you have kids (and this group of people do), then I’ve lost all respect for you.

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out


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