Autumn in burgundy

Sleek and stylish cars is generally what our generation is drawn too and for me, an automatic car will do just fine. However, these features won’t resonate with the older generations like my parents. My father recently just got himself a Mecedes Benz c220, the 1995 model. My sister calls it, “His mid-life crisis car”. It’s old (of course) and sounds like a truck but my father is loving it.

The Autumn season is fast approaching and it’s that one season where we become clueless as to wear; seeing that the weather will be having multiple mood swings. If anything, I probably won’t be wearing this midi skirt instead I’ll be swopping it for pants to cover my legs. This burgundy shirt with a tie bow is perfect for the transition period because it’s airy but will still keep you warm during the cold breeze. Keeping it ladylike and sophisticated, I opted for an embroidery black skirt and went daring with my red court heels for a bit of colour.

Autumn in burgundyAutumn in burgundyAutumn in burgundyAutumn in burgundyPhoto Credit: Arlene Marthinus

Burgundy shirt: Mr Price / Midi skirt: H&M / Heels: Fashion Express / Clutch bag: Jet

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out

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