I’ve mentioned before that Courtney and I are making every effort to explore our city one place at a time. Whether it’s beautiful landscapes, oceans and places, we will be doing it all. Scarborough is known for conserved natural landscapes which has been designated as a conservation village in 1996. It wasn’t clear skies but, we got a glimpse of the sun mixed with a whole lot of clouds.

The drive is about 30 minutes outside of Cape Town with a beautiful scenic drive along the coast with sights of Kommetjie and Misty Cliffs. The houses are scattered along the mountains on steep slopes which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.  This place is perfect for anyone who loves surfing, kite surfing and fishing. We happened to see come crab life so I suppose it’s great for crayfishing too.

As the day went by, Courtney and I sat along the rocks with our feet in the air, facing the ocean and listening to the sweet sound of nature. The sunset was like anything out of a book therefore making it the perfect spot to be swept away by beauty.

ScarboroughScarboroughscarboroughScarboroughPhoto Credit: Myself and Courtney Hans

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out

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