Let's chat with coffee

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

We all have an urge to just pack up and travel the world, I’m sure. I’ve been itching to just leave my two jobs with a possibility of a third one, pack my essentials and pick a destination. But in my world, that is not possible. Not even remotely with the student loans and bills hindering behind my name.

I stalk, yes stalk these travel bloggers like theblondeabroad.com who see the most amazing places that I have yet to experience myself one day. I can’t even set aside time out a day to explore my own city let alone the country. It’s sad that we’ve instilled a sense of work comes first and playtime comes later which in my case hasn’t come at all.

Let's chat with coffee

I want to experience the beautiful sunsets over seas, eagles riding mountain currents, monkeys swinging through rain forests, grizzlies catching salmon in the rapids, majestic waterfalls spilling off vertical drops, and volcanoes smoking under their fiery breath.

I’m not getting any younger and I know that once I get too comfortable in my current lifestyle, I will never venture off traveling to an unknown destination. That is why I proposed this idea to my partner. Every second Sunday, we climb in the car and just drive because the wanderlust bug has got me good and it’s by time that I push my boundaries a bit. But as as I’m organising our lives around the festive season, I don’t foresee this idea even happening.

Here are my reasons why I want to travel the world:

  • Life is way too short: We all heard this saying before and it’s really true. I can’t guarantee life at all and, I might never get another to travel.
  • I’ll learn how to budget with what I have: I budget my expenses well but, can I budget with only a few change in my back pocket?
  • Seeing the world’s beauty: I need a change in scenery! I want to be left in awe when visiting nature’s finest.
  • Meeting new people: I want to learn more about other countries cultures and engage with new people along the adventure.
  • No responsibilities: I don’t want to be tied down yet with so many expenses such as a bond, car payments and children.
  • Sharing the experience: Can you imagine all the wonderful stories i will be able to tell?

I say yes to many things not only in the present but in the past that didn’t mean a whole lot. Yes to taking on another account, yes to paying so much on a dress I’ll only wore once. So why not say yes to traveling?

I want to chase the life of adventure, get to know the world and, sparkle with wanderlust.

Until next time.

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