It’s been a week since starting my new job and, it’s daunting to say the least. It’s an all new industry and having to learn the terminology and jargon is like learning the dictionary from over. I’ve also been neglecting my studies even when I know I have two huge assignments due before I’ve successfully completed my PR degree. Time management really sucks!

This spring we’ve seen many trends appear and yes, not every trend is for all. With this look, I wanted to stick to basic, urban colours. Sometimes it’s great to have that striking item that makes your attire standout but in most cases, it’s great to just keep things simple.

I wasn’t all too keen in the culotte trend yet when I saw this linen pair, I opted to try it out. A basic white top also comes in handy for any outfit. The sleeveless linen jacket I got at MrP, is one of those chic minimalist pieces to have in your closet.

UrbanUrbanUrbanUrbanPhoto Credit: Arlene Marthinus

Culotte: Jet / Sleeveless Jacket: Mr Price / Top & Heels: Fashion Express / Clutch: Vintage

Until next time.

A bunch of nuts fell out


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