The warmer temperature is just not on Cape Town’s side especially since we already mid-way through September but at least the flowers are blooming with bright, vibrant colours that I’m praying for spring to just arrive already.

I’ve been going through a transition with my career the last two weeks which is scary yet an adventurous challenge. That’s why in my photographs you see me running through this beautiful field of yellow flowers because I’m excited for what might lie ahead.


Maxi length dresses have long been in trend. It’s either a simple slip dress or its flouncy full shape, it really does scream spring. I picked up this flowery leave maxi dress at Fashion Express when I was returning an item that wasn’t flattering my physique. It has a gracious slit on both sides, just showing off the right amount of leg action and adjustable spaghetti straps.

Hope spring comes soon because we all need a little bit of sun instead of this dreaded cloudy weather.


Photo Credit: Courtney Hans

Dress: Fashion Express / Necklace: Mr Price / Bracelets: Fashion Express

Until next time

A bunch of nuts fell out


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