Travel | Genadendal Mission Station

I was born and breed a Moravian and I visited this town back in 2010 during my confirmation camp but only this time I wanted to experience this quaint little historical village known as Genadendal which means Valley of Grace, with Courtney. Throughout my confirmation classes we were taught about the history of the Moravians and this … Continue reading Travel | Genadendal Mission Station

Fashion | Simplicity

Simplicity is the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded and these days, I'm all about being penny plain. What I mean is that I'm trying to live a simpler lifestyle but in this day and age, it's quite difficult. We 21st Century born-frees have too much pressure coming from all angles to live a … Continue reading Fashion | Simplicity

Travel | The Huguenot Monument, Franschhoek

We didn't spend Valentine's Day with chocolates or a candlelight dinner sprinkled with rose petals and a bottle of champagne. We spent it with The Galileo Open Air Cinema on Allee Bleue Wine Estate out in Franschhoek. However, seeing that the doors only opened at 5pm, I thought why not make a short trip to The … Continue reading Travel | The Huguenot Monument, Franschhoek

Talk | Let’s Chat with Coffee

“Have you noticed that even the busiest people are never too busy to take time to tell you how busy they are?” ― Bob Talbert It's been four months since I last wrote a Chat post and I probably would've said it's because I've been so busy but that will paint the picture of me … Continue reading Talk | Let’s Chat with Coffee

Travel | Meet the Penguins at Boulders

Envision yourself swimming with these adorable creatures and being able to touch and play with them? Sounds amazing, right? Unfortunately, it was total wishful thinking on my part. Living in a city that offers so many things to do at once can really be a daunting task to say the least. What's more upsetting is that tourists … Continue reading Travel | Meet the Penguins at Boulders

Fashion | Love Letter

Dear Courtney Society said that we should only express our love for one another when it’s Valentine’s Day but I would like to think that I show you how I feel every single day in various ways and actions. Today, I would like to dedicate this post to you and remind you how much I … Continue reading Fashion | Love Letter

Fashion | Embroidery

There's nothing like catching up with varsity friends or spending the day with family that you haven't seen in a while. Life does tend to get busy, so I hardly get to see any of my friends or when they do make plans, I often have to cancel. This time around I shifted everything and met … Continue reading Fashion | Embroidery

Fashion | No Rules

Goodbye January and hello new month. The first week of work was nothing but catching up and slow progress. Then the second week I got hit with diarrhea, fatigue and then a horrible throat infection. I've never been this sick since I was admitted to hospital in 2012. I recovered by tons of antibiotics, water … Continue reading Fashion | No Rules

Travel | Chart Farm

Whenever I view amazing pictures on social media platforms, I always turn the phone to Courtney and tell him, "we're going there". And that's the precise thing I did when someone recently posted an image of themselves surrounded by roses and I instantly knew that's how I wanted to spend my last day of 2016. … Continue reading Travel | Chart Farm

Travel | Little Explorers

This festive break, I spent most of my time lounging around on the beach, enjoying the sun baking on my back and basically eating sand seeing that Cape Town is a full blown sand machine. With only a two week vacation and Courtney not having any leave besides a few off days, we really had … Continue reading Travel | Little Explorers

Fashion | Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I know I'm a few days late in saying that but I've taken a break from blogging during my two week vacation break and it was the best thing I ever did by unwinding and letting me hair loose, literally. I slept in, did some reading, ate to my hearts content and … Continue reading Fashion | Happy New Year

Fashion | Merry Christmas

"Christmas is a time for nostalgia, but it is also a time for making new memories. Enjoy the fellowship of new friends, and cherish the company of family in this season of loving and sharing." Every year since Courtney and I have been dating, we created our own tradition; colour coding our Christmas outfits. While … Continue reading Fashion | Merry Christmas

Travel | Cape Point

I'm a nature enthusiast so wanting to visit Cape Point came at no surprise to Courtney. My mother did however mention that I've been here when I was two and seven years of age but come on, I don't recall even the slightest memory of being here. Nevertheless, I took the plunge on a windy … Continue reading Travel | Cape Point

Fashion | Holiday Thoughts

Even though I celebrate Christmas and always look forward to the huge feast we have (half day with my family and the other half with Courtney's), I'm not really big on doing presents like so many of you guys are. Each year, the present list gets smaller and smaller and, I'm probably only be giving … Continue reading Fashion | Holiday Thoughts

Fashion | Floral Loving

Hello December! These last two weeks have been very productive with completing projects, doing all the christmas shopping which by the way only took us three hours this year instead of 10 hours the year before. Year-end functions are done and dusted (I still have one to attend on Saturday), scheduling where and what we … Continue reading Fashion | Floral Loving

Travel | Durban #2

As promised, here is the last part of my Durban trip I had three weeks ago. I can't believe that that's how long ago I travelled to another province to explore what more my country had to offer. I know it was still city life but this experience made me realize that I have an … Continue reading Travel | Durban #2

Fashion | Wanderer

I am a total wanderer. I'm constantly searching for new things to do and try out. I think I have a problem of making sure I'm not entirely bored with myself and optimistically trying to past the day and hours with fun filled travels and adventure activities. I've even gone as far as planning our … Continue reading Fashion | Wanderer

Travel | Durban #1

Courtney has never been on any sort of aircraft in his 24 years of existence so I decided that we should go on holiday to Durban. I think Courtney at that stage thought I was completely nuts. We started saving for about two months after our initial discussion until I just swiped my card and … Continue reading Travel | Durban #1

Fashion | Cool Comfort

Courtney and I recently came back from our five day trip to Durban and honestly, I'm still recovering from the crazy weather patterns we experienced in Umlanga. The weather forecast memo we received stated that it would practically rain and be miserable the entire week during our stay but one minute it would be drizzling then … Continue reading Fashion | Cool Comfort

Travel | De Ware Jacob, Jacobs Bay

Who would've guessed that I would find this little gem of a town known as Jacobs Bay while zooming in on a map. Jacobs Bay is a small settlement along the West Coast Route. It was originally founded as a small town on the farmland registered as 109 Jacobsbaai. The name is said to have … Continue reading Travel | De Ware Jacob, Jacobs Bay

Fashion | Swing It

I can't believe that we now entered the second last month of the year! This year has seriously gone by way too fast for my liking. I just got back from my mini vacation in Jacobs Bay and wow, it was absolutely breathtaking to find these small towns hidden amongst larger and more popular destinations. … Continue reading Fashion | Swing It

Fashion | Sundaze

Tomorrow Courtney and I will be off to Jacobs Bay which is a small town along the West Coast route. I decided it was time to embrace the sea side for a change seeing that I'm such a nature and mountain lover (bloggers and their images) and Courtney doesn't really care where we off too … Continue reading Fashion | Sundaze

Talk | Let’s chat with coffee

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance - Nathaniel Branden I've turned my back on the Public Relations world and I couldn't be more free for the lack of a better word to walk away from a life I no longer aspire to continue doing. After five tough years with my head … Continue reading Talk | Let’s chat with coffee

Fashion | Sunny Afternoon

It amazes me how fast time is going by. When you start receiving emails from Management about the Christmas closing period, then you know that 2016 is slowly but surely saying goodbye. Summer or rather spring is beginning to show it's true beauty with the afternoon sun, zoning perfectly on my back. For those who … Continue reading Fashion | Sunny Afternoon

Fashion | Don’t Look Back

After much thought and deliberation, I realised it was time to say goodbye to my second job which will come into effect at the end of this year. What started out as a part-time journey became a full blown 9 to 5 job and the responsibilities kept doubling by the minute. I could no longer keep my actual primary … Continue reading Fashion | Don’t Look Back

Travel | West Coast National Park

Courtney and I might have the same interests but boy are we two different people. I love going on long drives but hate doing the driving and Courtney, well he will drive with the condition that I inform him weeks before the trip is scheduled and, he loves complaining about just how much he wish … Continue reading Travel | West Coast National Park

Fashion | Sun’s Out

Courtney has this event he goes to every year  even before we met each other. The first two years I throughly enjoyed accommodating him to the Kinky Afro events; all dressed up in the old school theme. But as the years went by and so did my age, I started getting tired of going because … Continue reading Fashion | Sun’s Out

Fashion | Stand Tall

O.M.W! I can't believe Friday is here! I honestly started envisioning that it will never appear. This week literally flipped me over and threw my body against a dumpster and I just kept rolling in the dirt which destroyed whatever life I still had left in me to get back up. I'm pretty certain that in … Continue reading Fashion | Stand Tall

Talk | Let’s chat with Juice

From the subject line, you can gather that the word coffee has now been replaced to juice seeing that we've entered the warmth of spring in South Africa. I'm super stoked that seasons have changed because there's nothing more boring than layering up with dull colours and only doing minimal activities in winter. I might … Continue reading Talk | Let’s chat with Juice

Fashion | September

September is now upon us! It might be known as the season of spring but here in Cape Town, it's known as an awkward period where you no longer sure how to dress. Where one minute you sun-dazing in a dress and the next, you have to wear layers of clothing to prevent yourself from getting … Continue reading Fashion | September

Travel | Bird’s Paradise, Robertson

After our boat ride at Kolgan's Restaurant Boat, we took a 20 minute drive to Robertson where we were told to visit Bird's Paradise. After finally getting some sort of signal, we managed to find the place; situated along a long stretch of road. It looked like a school upon arrival. The walkway and driveway … Continue reading Travel | Bird’s Paradise, Robertson

Fashion | Be Bold

It's been one of those roller coaster weeks where everything you set out to do doesn't go according to plan. The only solution is to be bold and find alternative avenues to get things done. It's a nightmare, if you ask me but I accept the challenge whole-heartedly and with a fist punch in the … Continue reading Fashion | Be Bold

Travel | De Wilge, Nuy Valley

Nuy Valley. A place I never knew existed yet has become one of the most beautiful places along Route 62 I've ever come across. As many of you know, Courtney and I decided that we should go on holiday for my birthday but we had no idea where to begin searching for accommodation. During the … Continue reading Travel | De Wilge, Nuy Valley

Fashion | Lace

It's funny how you come back from an amazing getaway holiday to come home and have this desire or urge to do more, see more, just be out there in this big world. That's currently happening with Courtney and I. He, however has more annual leave than me and was forced to take more than anyone of us … Continue reading Fashion | Lace

Travel | Kolgans Restaurant Boat

Being the person to always look for unknown things to do wherever I am, I did some research on fun activities Courtney and I could do during our stay in Nuy Valley and came upon Kolgans Restaurant Boat in Roberston. "Kolgans" happens to be the Afrikaans name for the Egyptian Goose and is named for the "kol", the … Continue reading Travel | Kolgans Restaurant Boat

Fashion | 24

It's officially my 24th birthday tomorrow (yeah) and while you reading this post, I'll be on my way to a place called Nuy Valley for the weekend to celebrate yet another year added to my age. Since I haven't been on a holiday in the last three years, I decided that I'm packing my bags for … Continue reading Fashion | 24

Talk | Let’s chat with coffee

It's been a while since I've sat down and done a 'Let's chat with coffee' post. My workload has seemingly increased now that we've entered the end of the seventh month and also because I suck at time management that I was forced to get a diary after all the years of reluctancy of being … Continue reading Talk | Let’s chat with coffee

Fashion | Spring came early

I'm tired of winter at the moment. I can't take the layers of clothing and the cold chills on my body, the unexpected rain and dull colours that make me sad. I've officially quit winter and decided to bring spring early because I love the sun on my skin, the bold and bright colours on … Continue reading Fashion | Spring came early

Fashion | I can’t Adult Today

I love school holidays. Not because I'm on holiday like many kids are around South Africa but traffic is bliss! I'm literally an hour earlier for work where I get to do all my personal admin which I tend to heavily avoid.  Also now that my sister is on varsity holiday too, I don't get … Continue reading Fashion | I can’t Adult Today

Fashion | Be Young, Be Foolish

My 24th birthday is fast approaching and there's no better time to be young, be foolish but be happy.  Adulting at this stage is beginning to annoy the crap out of me. Every other day I'm reminded about the responsibilities that is associated with being a working woman/adult like having various types of policies, saving for the … Continue reading Fashion | Be Young, Be Foolish

Fashion | Lacey

When people ask me what is my favourite animal, my response is always, "It would have to be a duck. Because ducks are calm on the surface and hustling like crazy getting things done under the surface". I recently redesigned one of my employers business websites. When he approached me, I pretended as though I knew … Continue reading Fashion | Lacey

Travel | Giraffe House, Paarl

More than a month ago (I apologise for the late post), we visited the Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre in Paarl to see the infamous Gerry, the 6m giraffe. It's about a 20 minute drive from my homestead but not only did my maps on my iPhone not recognise the place, we ended up driving … Continue reading Travel | Giraffe House, Paarl

Talk | Graduation

"Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you'll make a difference"  - Arie Pencovici I finally have my Public Relations Management Degree and even though it was my second graduation ceremony, … Continue reading Talk | Graduation

Travel | Tropical Garden of Butterfly World

Last weekend was one of the best we had in a long time because we were off to Butterfly World; a tiny world where all you see flying around you are an assortment of beautiful creatures, flapping their thin wings around you. This tropical sanctuary with an influx of small animals such as iguanas, parrots, … Continue reading Travel | Tropical Garden of Butterfly World

Chat | Let’s chat with coffee

Three demanding jobs in the law and luxury fabric industry.  A fashion, book and lifestyle blogger with a recently added travel section in the mix. Constantly planning new adventures and countries I'm adding  to my extremely long bucket list. Trying out new cuisine with a little hint of being a food critic.  Attending social gatherings … Continue reading Chat | Let’s chat with coffee

Fashion | Be Happy

January has come and will be soon gone and, I'm pretty sure many of you have made resolutions which haven't stuck . I've long passed the 'making resolutions' phase and made a conscious decision that the year 2016 is the year to be happy. After breaking up for the holiday season, I became extremely sick with … Continue reading Fashion | Be Happy

Fashion | Cheers to the year that was 2015

On 31 December 2014, my partner said that 2015 would be our year. I didn't believe him because 2014 wasn't a great year for either of us but boy, oh boy, was he right after all. 2015 was really our year to love! I believe that once you get older, many things in your life … Continue reading Fashion | Cheers to the year that was 2015

Chat | Three Year Anniversary

My partner and I recently celebrated our three year anniversary and usually, we always buy each other a specific gift that he or I have been eyeing for a long time but I got tired buying the same things that we probably already have so I opted for us to do a photo shoot. The … Continue reading Chat | Three Year Anniversary

Chat | Let’s Chat with Coffee

Happy Spring Day everyone! I thought it was time to dive into an open field with the flowers blossoming and the birds chirping in the background and add a new section to my blog called, "Let's chat with coffee". Why you might ask? First and foremost, I'm a caffeine addict. I cannot start my day … Continue reading Chat | Let’s Chat with Coffee

Chat | Let’s Chat with Coffee

I started blogging about five months ago and, whilst I call myself a blogger,  I have yet to establish myself in the bloggers-sphere market which has grown enormously over the last few years in South Africa and around the world. For the uninitiated, a blog is actually short for a web log and in its … Continue reading Chat | Let’s Chat with Coffee